Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tele Moments ^^

Congratulation to everyone especially to my batch 2006/2007
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Electronics majoring in Telecommunication
You guys ROCK!!!


Last exam @ MMU Melaka....
Finally, after 5 years I finished my degree
super happy + excited + sad right now ... kkkkk
Now, I'm going to the REAL WORLD ... kena cari kerja nie ^^

Selama 5 tahun nie....
I know a lot people + gain experience + etc
Have a lot of friends
Lina + Nawwar + Ida + Piqah + Anis + Pijah - U guys are my best friends ever
Thanks for being my friends / coursemate / roomate / housemate / assignment mate
jalan2 mate / makan mate / kpop mate [ nie pieqah jer ] .... hehe
All I want to say " THANK YOU !!! "

Yang lain2
Dak Wani + Alia + Rashid & lain2 yg x tersebut tu mintak maaf
Terima kasih banyak2...
You guys will be part of my memories ^_^

All these photo are taken after the final exam
Theme - All Black ^^
Seperti biasa, photographer x banyak masuk dlm frame ;(
sebab semua gambar nie belong to my camera aka Lina's camera
OK .... Aku nak gambar dari camera yg lain!!!!
Yang superb bagai tu ... SLR ... DSLR tolong la upload ... hehe
Kalau nak full set of photos boleh la visit kat FB yer